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Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends of Coquihalla Elementary School,


We in the office at Coquihalla School wanted to reach out to our partners during this difficult time that our world is facing.  


Not only is Coquihalla Elementary School a school in the public schools of British Columbia, it is also a community.  This community is based on relationships.


Because we are in relationship with each other, we care about each other, and try to look out for each other.  


The four of us in the office at school, Mrs. Jafelice, Mrs. Bonikowsky, Mrs. Bailey and Mr. Flynn, feel very strongly that we are to look out for those in our community - not only our friends, but perhaps those who may be considered vulnerable, the ones who we may not quickly remember, the ones who may be suffering somehow because of a projected school closure - we want to make sure those entrusted to our care at school are okay outside of school.


As these days ahead unfold, please keep in mind to take care of, watch out for, and ask after those in our community.  


We in the office stand by to help in any way we can.  If a concern comes up, please don't hesitate to email anyone of us.  Please also keep an eye on the Coquihalla School FaceBook page, and on our website,


Thank you so much!


Coquihalla Elementary School 

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