House Post

House Post

The Indigenous Education at Coquihalla Elementary were honoured to accept and have installed (November24) a Housepost carved by Rocky LaRock! The unveiling was performed in a small ceremony ( November 27th) that was live fed to all the classrooms throughout the school. Video links are available on the Coquihalla Indigenous Facebook page and will also be set up in it’s entirety on You Tube.

Our profound gratitude  and thanks goes out to the Housepost Committee members who had met earlier in the year to help in the completion of this long awaited  honour:


Peter Flynn, Diane Stromquist, Rocky LaRock, Cathy Speth,              Linda Bailey, Leanne Bowcott, Tanya Zilinski. Thelma Florence,              Dana Andrews, Patti Dubreuil, Crystal Hatzidmitriou, Pedro Moreno,    Rod Peters


A celebration of our Housepost will be held schoolwide once some restrictions have lifted!

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