Coquihalla Elementary

455 6th Ave PO Box 969 Hope BC V0X 1L0

Telephone: (604) 869-9904

Fax: (604) 869-2434

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Dates to Remember:


Lots of events coming up:

- Bottle Drive - November 4th

- Family Dance - December 1st

- Neufeld Farms - before Christmas

- Purdy's - February

- Flowers - May

We would like to introduce our new PAC:

Co-Chairs - Michelle Richardson & Carmen Pereda

Treasurer - Sham Unworried

Secretary - Serina Badiali

DPAC - Crystal Hatzidimitriou & Leanne Wilson

Directors - Jennifer Rodney / Kate Zabell / Catherine Freimark / Amy Soucker & Naomi Blom







Upcoming PAC Meetings -

(childcare provided)

Thursday, October 26

Wednesday, November 22

Thursday, January 25

Wednesday, February 28

Thursday, April 26

Wednesday, May 23

Thursday, June 21

Welcome to the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Page!  

Your volunteer PAC is dedicated to working with you to make this a GREAT year for your child(ren). 

Our philosophy is ‘many hands make light work’.  Our goal in taking this approach is to make things less burdensome for everyone involved. We will be organizing some great activities, events, and fundraisers throughout the year.  We welcome your ideas and support along the way to create the best results possible.  There will be opportunities to help out in big and small ways with individual activities, events, and fundraisers. We will update this page and our Facebook Page as plans come together.

Join our email list to stay up to date… and please contact us if you have accolades, questions or concerns.