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Welcome to Mrs Riley's Science & Socials

Hello Grown Ups! My name is Jennifer Riley and I am one of the Prep Teachers at Coquihalla Elementary. If you have a student in Kindergarten through Grade 2, I teach Social Studies in your students class twice a week. If you have a student in Grade 3 to Grade 4 (Mrs. Maslin) I am the Science teacher. As we move into this season of remote learning I will do my best to to support families and classroom teachers. For the duration of our learning outside the school building, I will post some learning opportunities on the Coquihalla School Webpage under the ‘Mrs. Riley’. If your classroom teacher has set up a online platform (Google Classroom, Office 365, FreshGrade, etc.) I will also post there. Please know, whatever is posted is not mandatory! What I am providing is simply an opportunity if you are looking for some learning opportunities that extend past the core of Literacy and Numeracy. The printouts and questions are a combination of my personal planning and that of other educators (I can’t take credit for everyone thing posted, copyright laws). If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m happy to help and support you and your family any way possible. Again, I will stress, this is not mandatory and simply an opportunity if you and your family wish to do so!


Please keep safe! – Mrs. Riley - Social Studies & Science Prep Teacher






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